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PREGNANCY. During pregnancy, the treatment is not performed. During breast feeding, the treatment is possible.

– CHEMOTHERAPY. During chemotherapy, the treatment is possible. Proposal: best make before the loss of natural hair.

– BOTOX. Botox treatment should be at least two weeks old, so that the Botox is not massaged during treatment in the wrong place. If you want to do before Botox, best to ask Phibrows artist, but the shape and symmetry of the eyebrows not affect on the color and durability.

– OTHER TREATMENTS. All abrasive treatments and laser treatments to avoid the area of ​​ color. Laser treatments or IPL treatments might cause the color included burns in the fields.

– PAIN. While the character of the “Blade” scratches on the dead skin and this pain can pluck the eyebrows compare. In the second part of the treatment when the hair is filled with the color, we use a anesthesia and the pain is reduced to minimum. Note: The pain may be noticeable if the customer has the cycle if the customer at the moment is afraid or if the customer has damaged skin.

– SIDE EFFECTS are so far not happened yet. A flushing of the skin as a post-reaction is away on the same day. First seven days are the eyebrows 10-15 percent thicker and up to 40 percent darker.

– NATURAL HAIR will not be removed except in the case when they are not as I deal and of the outstanding form. The treatment we performed on the natural hair and are not damaged.

– SCARS. The treatment is carried out not on colloidal scars. In other scars are allowed if they are older than two years.

– PREVIOUS PERMANENT MAKE UP. If you have it, or if you have removed it with laser treatment before you make an appointment with us from because it is sometimes not possible to make the treatment and the results can also be specific.

– CHANGES TO SKIN. The treatment is not in areas where there is carried out a change of color or structure of the skin.

– AGE RANGE. There is no maximum limit. Minors must come with customer support of parents.