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Microblading Aftercare Recommendations

As with any other cosmetic procedure, there are aftercare instructions clients need to follow to guarantee the success of the treatment. Following the aftercare recommendations is important because they will get you through the healing process successfully with a brand new pair of gorgeous eyebrows as a result. These instructions may vary from client to client so make sure to check with our trained expert to receive the right recommendations for your skin and eyebrows.

1- After the microblading procedure is finished, the client needs to rinse their eyebrows with neutral soap to remove all the previously applied cream. The cleansing needs to be done a few times but if the treatment is done later in the day, the client can cover the eyebrows area with a plastic wrap after applying the cream to protect them from drying overnight.

2- Clients need to avoid sweating excessively after the procedure. Avoiding any strenuous physical activity for at least 10 days is recommended for the same reason to keep the eyebrows dry.

3- The eyebrows and skin around them will swell due to the procedure and it is nothing to worry about as it is normal with the natural healing. The skin will develop scabs on the area that was worked on and it is really important not to remove these scabs. Removing them will slow the healing process or damage the area where the pigment was applied leaving an uneven texture.

4- Clients are recommended to avoid the sun for the next 30 days. Tanning is strictly advised against as well and even if you are planning to go out, you should wear a hat to block the sunlight. After the healing is completed, clients should use sunblock to achieve longer lasting results.

5- It is important to keep the eyebrow area moisturized. If the scabs or the eyebrow area, in general, are too dry, they will itch. Vaseline is sufficient unless your expert recommends a specific ointment and use a clean towel to pat away.

6- In the first month following the procedure; the client needs to avoid certain beauty treatments and procedures such as sunbathing, solarium, peelings, and regeneration creams.

7- Laser treatments that overlap with the same area of the microblading procedure have to be avoided as well. These treatments can cause burns in the eyebrow area and destroy the colour pigment.

8- Eyebrow area needs to be clean and moist during the first month after the treatment. If you put on makeup creams on your skin, the scabs might be removed and the pigment may fade causing the colour to look uneven.

The client needs to take great care of the skin where the microblading applied. Similar to tattoo care, if not a bit more intensive, the eyebrow area needs to be kept sterile and moisturized. The first month following the treatment is important and to have lasting effects, clients need to follow the aftercare instructions and let the eyebrow area heal without any interference.