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What is Phibrows?

Phibrows is semi-permanent eyebrow drawing technique in which the shape of eyebrows is determined according to the golden proportion(phi 1.618). The technique is intended for adults – anyone over the age of 18 – ( persons under the age of 18 has to be accompanied by their parents) and the whole process is done manually by trained experts. Phibrows technique creates extremely natural looking hair strokes that mimic the natural direction and the lengths of the person’s brows. For the treatment to be successful, the skin must not be damaged. If there is damage on the surface prior to the microblading process such as eczema, acne or pimples, the client needs to treat the damaged areas before the treatment.

Microblading sessions start with a detailed calculation of the ideal shape of the client’s eyebrows, in accordance with the golden proportion. This expression of beauty has appeared throughout history and it has been used since ancient times to guide all types of people from plastic surgeons to architects in their creative process.

Before the treatment begins, a numbing cream is applied to the eyebrow area by the expert to minimize pain, followed by an anesthetic to prevent the person from feeling any discomfort. The whole process is relatively painless, some clients may only feel a slight discomfort.

The first Microblading session usually takes around 3 hours and during the session, the trained expert will create the shape and style the client’s eyebrows followed the selecting the pigment and coloration process.

A touch-up is required one month or 28 days after the first treatment because 10-15% of the drawn strokes will disappear and eyebrows will be healed which will allow the expert to fix any imperfections. The touch-up session is absolutely necessary and it takes around 2 hours to complete. Certain areas may need to be refilled and color of the pigment may need to be adjusted. The thickness and more strokes can be added to the brows during touch-up to give the client’s eyebrows a more refined look. Touch-up ensures the eyebrows to look perfect and retains their color and shape for the whole year.

Eyebrow colour may seem too dark compared to the original eyebrow colour in the first week. However, there is no need for worry as the pigment loses 50% of its intensity after the first week of the treatment. The eyebrows will lighten up in color as the eyebrows heal. One of the best parts of the microblading technique is that there is no downtime required after the treatment. It takes between 7-14 days for the eyebrow to heal and about 1 month for the color to completely set in.

The client will notice a slight scabbing during the healing process. These scabs should not be touched as you may damage the skin or the microbladed area. After two weeks of the first session, the skin around the eyebrow area will have a milky texture to it. It is an indication of the tissues that are still healing underneath the surface of the skin even though the skin looks perfectly healed. The natural color of the eyebrows will reveal itself once the healing is completed.

The pigment is applied to the skin by using a sterilized microblading pen to draw on individual strokes one by one. It is chosen by the expert to match the natural eyebrow colour of the person but after the healing, the resulting colour may be a few shades lighter than the person’s natural hair eyebrow colour.

The eyebrow treatment is performed with disposable sterile tools and the pigments are produced with the highest quality materials. The color pigment is heavy metal and nickel free as it is completely organic. The pigment doesn’t discolour and fades well. The average time for a new colour refreshment is usually between 10 to 12 months unless the skin is oily which is up to 6 months.

The success of the treatment depends on several factors and these factors vary from person to person;

-The quality of the skin

-Post-treatment care and flow

-Exposure to different external factors

– All of these factors are out of the artist’s control, so any possibility to provide guarantees for the treatment is excluded.

Clients are required to have a consultation with the microblading artist before the treatment if they have one of the conditions below;

-Problematic skin

-Serious health problems

-Pre-existing permanent makeup on eyebrows

-Taking medication

Clients have to make sure the skin around and under the eyebrow area is not in the process of healing or regeneration due to another procedure or illness.

The following treatments are not recommended 30 days before the treatment;

-Chemical peelings

-Exposure to strong sunlight

-Laser treatments

-Milk or fruit acids

-Botox and fillers

Microblading is an elaborate art; the treatment is similar to tattooing, the organic color pigments are deposited below the skin. The eyebrow technicians create fine blade-life hair in the eyebrow region and fill it with pigment. Specialized tools are used for the procedure; these tools require a very stable and experienced hand to apply the pigment. The treatment is excellent for anyone who wants to have symmetrical and perfect eyebrows.